Living in the jungle

Sometimes it is true that I miss big cities. Not living in it, but just being able to go for a day. Living on an island in Honduras makes you pretty isolated from any big cities (and I mean, you know cities like Paris, not big cities from Third World countries).

So as I am looking up for a destination for my visa run (probably Miami because it’s cheap), I am also realizing something I really enjoy about where I live.

I need to say I would never get fed up of all the life I see on my way to work/home. Lots of iguanas and other lizards, but also bats flying over my head at night. Last night, I got pretty excited for my first encounter with the local boa constrictor !! I almost ran over it, which I was not happy about, but I turned around to check it out. Unfortunately it was slowly disappearing into the bush.

Here is the only picture I got from it (pretty bad). My first sighting of a boa in the wild !