Living in the jungle

Sometimes it is true that I miss big cities. Not living in it, but just being able to go for a day. Living on an island in Honduras makes you pretty isolated from any big cities (and I mean, you know cities like Paris, not big cities from Third World countries).

So as I am looking up for a destination for my visa run (probably Miami because it’s cheap), I am also realizing something I really enjoy about where I live.

I need to say I would never get fed up of all the life I see on my way to work/home. Lots of iguanas and other lizards, but also bats flying over my head at night. Last night, I got pretty excited for my first encounter with the local boa constrictor !! I almost ran over it, which I was not happy about, but I turned around to check it out. Unfortunately it was slowly disappearing into the bush.

Here is the only picture I got from it (pretty bad). My first sighting of a boa in the wild !



Carnival 2015


La semaine dernière a eu lieu le carnaval annuel d’Utila !

Il a commencé avec une parade de bateau, et a fini par une parade de char (sans chars parfois).
Comme notre école de plongée est super géniale, on a participer aux 2 évènements, et on y a mis les moyens comparés aux autres écoles ! (beaucoup n’ont rien fait pour l’occasion) – fière de travailler à Bay Islands College of Diving, nos conditions de travail sont bien meilleures que d’autres !

Bref, pour la parade de bateau, on a un peu improvisé au dernier moment, mais c’est moi qui ait donné l’idée principale : on va chercher des feuilles de palmier, et on fait une jungle ! Tout le monde à adoré. Notre manager a récupéré des masques, certains se sont peint en thématique jungle, un très bon moment en “famille”.

Toute la semaine a eu lieu des mini fêtes dans la ville à différents endroits, mais bon je travaille hein, alors je n’ai pas vraiment participé à aucune de celles-ci.

Nous avons fini par la parade de char, nous n’avions pas de char en temps que soit, mais tout le monde était ensemble pour parader fièrement, employé, élèves, clients… Un autre superbe moment de rapprochement ! La thématique était créature sous-marine, la plupart d’entre nous étions des sirènes, mais nous avions aussi quelques poulpes, requins et autres… Je vous laisse avec les photos 🙂

Last week took place the annual Utila Carnival !

It began with a boat parade, and ended up a float parade (without float sometimes).
As our diving school is awesome, we participate in the two events, and we invest ourselves in it comparing to other dive schools! (Many have done nothing for the occasion) – proud to work in Bay Islands College of Diving, our working conditions are much better than others!

In short, for the boat parade we improvised at the last moment, but I gave the main idea: we will find palm leaves, and turn the boat in a jungle! Everyone loved it. Our manager bought fancy masks, some people painted their body in a jungle theme… a very good time with the “family”.

During the whole week was held mini parties in different places in town, but didn’t really go (working, eh !).

We ended with the float parade, we had no float, but everyone was set to walk proudly, staffs, students, customers … Another great moment united ! The theme was underwater creatures, lots of mermaid, some sharks, octopus, squids… Have a look at the photos 🙂