One year ago I was leaving France to live my Australian dream. One wonderful year in the country of my heart, where I have seen and experienced so much. It has been a great adventure, a moment of a lifetime that I will never forget. The most beautiful sceneries on earth, a wildlife rich and abundant, from the most overcrowded places to the most remote, Australia you are amazing.

A great journey, it’s not just about the place, but also about the people you meet along your way. I would love to be able to thanks all the people who helped me, but I feel like I’ll never be able to be enough grateful to these people. Aussies who gave me so much, backpackers that I shared so much with, friends I whish I’ll never loose.

I also want to thank you, you my dear little follower. It has been a pleasure to have you on board. And let’s keep in touch, because this is not the end of my travel. There is much more to come.

Cheers. The Giraff.

Australia 2013 – 2014 – The Giraff Adventure in Oz from Carole Robert on Vimeo.


Last moment

1 year ago I was at the beginning of my australian dream. Now it’s officially over.
I cannot describe the feeling of emptyness I got in my heart. Can’t avoid to feel like I am forced to leave my country.

departure sad

But I am full of ambitions, and I know I’ll find my way to go back in the wonderful southern land.

police australia

Something funny though, while driving back to Perth, the police gave us the pleasure of a little time to share with them. 5 hours away of my departure and the police asked me to do a breath test (my first time ever !!). They also check our driving licenses and Ananda’s van paper. They were not very nice, but I think we were way to clean to abviously excite in any way their tuesday morning. Cheers guy, I haven’t decide yet to get illegal immigrant !!

Perfect day

Today in Monkey Mia, we rent a canoe… kayaking with dolphins, turtles, sharks, pelican and cormoran.

For 4 hours, we are exhausted but…

Another perfect day in paradise !!

Bad luck

So this morning we were supposed to dive on the Navy Pier, one of the best dive spot in Australia.

Unfortunately since we got in Exmouth the weather is very windy, which is unusual up here.
Windy weather = bad visibility, so the dive is cancelled. As it is the second time they cancel and we cannot push forward our stay in Exmouth because there is a lot to see on the way back to Perth, so we’ll just get a refund instead of booking another day.


So today is known as the day we almost dive on the Navy Pier. Now we are heading south, might do a “manta ray swim” as we have some money back…

Last trip


Hello dear followers !

Just to say hi from Exmouth, where today we finally got the opportunity to go swimming with the whaleshark !!! Another dream achieved 🙂

We left Perth last saturday, drove as quick as possible to Exmouth, reach the town on monday evening, but as the weather was very bad, we kind of wait for the perfect condition for our meeting with the mighty king of fishes !

Monday we will dive on the Navy Pier, known as the best dive spot in Australia, and then slowly go down the way back to Perth. Our must do stop: Coral Bay, Shark Bay, Kalbarri NP !

Oh and… 10 days left in this wonderful country.
Catch you when I’m back to Fr.

Sweet hugs from the magic Ningaloo Reef


Bye bye Farm


And the farm work is officially done ! Back carrying my huge backpack. Had a bit of tears leaving “my” horse there. Life is all about saying goodbye… Especially in the travel life !

I hate goodbyes.

End of farm work


Et voilà mon travail à la ferme arrive à son terme.
Cette dernière semaine aura pas été super folichonne à vrai dire.
Mardi matin, le patron s’ est réveillé et a décidé de virer Daniel, comme ça et lui a demandé de quitter l’endroit le jour même. Sans vraiment de raisons (enfin on suppose que c’est parce que les patrons ne voulaient pas que sa copine vienne vivre sur place). Évidemment ça fou une sacré ambiance.

Here it is, my work in the farm is coming to the end. This very last week is definetly not going very well.
Tuesday morning, my boss woke up and fire Dan just like that, without a real reason (well, we think it’s because he wanted his girlfriend to come over). So he asked him to leave on the day. Very cool ambiance, let me tell you.

Alors pour me détendre j’ai voulu faire une balade a cheval. Et mon cheval a eu peur d’un camion, et s’ est légèrement blessé au postérieur gauche. Balade annulée.

So to clear my mind I wanted to go for a horse ride in the bush. But my horse got scared by a truck and hurt himself on his back leg. No more ride.

Bref mes derniers jours se passent dans la ferme, sans trop de boulot, sans compagnon de maison, sans pouvoir m’échapper le temps d’une balade à cheval. Le pied total.

Anyway, my last days in the farm are quite boring. Not much work, no more house mate, no way to get out of the farm on a horseback. Very cool (sarcasm).

Mais bon, j’ai trouvé un compagnon de voyage, Ananda, un allemand qui a un van. Nous allons donc partir pour 2 semaines de voyage jusqu’à Exmouth, en plongeant et nageant le long de la cote. Trop hâte. Départ samedi !!

Good thing is, I found a travel mate, Ananda, a german guy who’s got a van. So we’ll leave for 2 weeks to travel until Exmouth, diving and snorkelling along the coast. Can’t wait. Departure saturday !!


Good bye to my sweet Mandy