The Tax issue with no end….

mytax return

Je crois que la misère de la déclaration d’impôts australiens n’aura jamais de fin…Après un deuxième appel, j’ai finalement réussi à créer mon compte “myTax”… pour finalement apprendre que je ne suis pas résidente donc que je ne peux pas utiliser le service MyTax !!!!! (Avis au futur non-résident qui souhaite faire leur déclaration en ligne… ne vous cassez pas la tête !)Bonheur.

Bon alors je fais comment moi en tant que non résidente ???

… En attente de réponse sur le compte facebook de Australian Taxation Office. J’y crois !

There is no end with my tax return issue…After a second call, I have been finally successful to create my ATO account. Unfortunately, once logged on, MyTax is telling me I cannot do it because I am not an australian resident !!!!!! Please kill me !

So how can I do it as a non australian resident ???

… Waiting an answer from the Australian Taxation Office facebook account. I have faith !

The After

My Gov tax return

Après le WHV fini, quand tu reviens dans ton cher pays la France, à part essayer de garder le sourire et de ne pas tomber dans une dépression post-Australie, il n’y a pas grand chose d’autre à faire. Sauf si tu as travaillé (déclaré) pendant ton année en Australie, alors dans ce cas tu te dois de faire ta déclaration de revenu… pour à la suite avoir l’opportunité de récupérer les taxes payées (ouaai, trop cool, encore plus de sous !).Alors sois tu es plus ou moins fainéant et tu utilises les services d’un organisme comme, sois tu fais ta demande en ligne via MyGov.

J’avais commencé par la méthode de faignasse en contactant taxback…. Sauf que à force de me faire harceler par la conseillère, ça m’a plutôt énervé… Quoi de plus ridicule que de parler français avec une polonaise qui t’appelle depuis l’Irlande pour te parler d’impôts australien ?!! En plus de cela elle a un nom que je ne porte guère dans mon cœur, pour des raisons personnelles purement idiote et enfantine. Sans compter qu’ils vont me prendre 10% du montant que le gouvernement va me reverser.

Bref, je suis donc passée par le “MyGov” qui te permet de faire ta déclaration en ligne comme une grande, comme tous australien résident.

Dans la théorie c’est simple, mais dans mon cas, la pratique s’avère longue et chiante…
Après avoir essayé à moult reprises de créer un compte ATO (Australian Tax Office), j’ai dû me résigner à appeler le service d’aide en Australie.

Truc cool, c’est qu’ils m’ont rappelé, donc comme ça je payais pas la communication ! Laissez moi vous dire que ça a été très très difficile de converser au téléphone comme ça à froid en anglais avec de vrais australiens… J’avais perdu la main ! Bref, j’ai réussi à les comprendre et eux aussi, c’est le principal.

Donc après voir attendu 10 jours ouvrés comme demandé, je retente (ouai, je me plains de l’administration française, mais celle d’Australie n’est pas plus rapide !!). Et boum, encore un problème je suis passée de “Unable to verify your identity” à “Ineligible to link”…

Je vais peut-être recontacter la polonaise finalement…

After finishing your WHV, when you come back in your dear country La France, except trying to keep smiling and not fall into an australian post-depression, there is not much else to do.
Unless you worked during your year in Australia, then, in that case you will have to do your tax return declaration… to get the opportunity to have your taxes back (yeeaah, so cool, more money!).So either you’re more or less lazy, you can use the services of an organization like, or make your application online by yourself using “MyGov”.

I started using the lazy method by contacting Taxback …. Except that I felt way too much harassed by the counselor, it has me rather annoyed … What could be more ridiculous than speaking French with a Polish girl calling me from Ireland to speak about Australian taxes? !! On top of that she has a name that I do not carry much in my heart for personal reasons purely silly and childish. Besides they will take 10% of the amount that the government will repay me. Thank you, but no.

In short, I decided to use the “MyGov” which allows you to make your online statement as a grown up person, like all Australian resident.

In theory it’s simple, but in my case, the practice is long and fastidious …
After trying on many occasions to create an ATO (Australian Tax Office) account, I had to resign myself to call the help desk in Australia.

Cool thing is that they called me back, so that I didn’t pay the communication! Let me tell you, it was very difficult to talk on the phone in english, it has been a while… I had lost the habit! In short, I managed it pretty well, they understood me, and so did I.

So after waiting 10 business days as requested, I tried again (yeah, I complain about the French administration, but the Australian is no faster !!). And boom, another problem I went from “Unable to verify your identity” to “Ineligible to link” …

Maybe I’ll recontact the polish girl finally …


One year ago I was leaving France to live my Australian dream. One wonderful year in the country of my heart, where I have seen and experienced so much. It has been a great adventure, a moment of a lifetime that I will never forget. The most beautiful sceneries on earth, a wildlife rich and abundant, from the most overcrowded places to the most remote, Australia you are amazing.


A great journey, it’s not just about the place, but also about the people you meet along your way. I would love to be able to thanks all the people who helped me, but I feel like I’ll never be able to be enough grateful to these people. Aussies who gave me so much, backpackers that I shared so much with, friends I whish I’ll never loose.


I also want to thank you, you my dear little follower. It has been a pleasure to have you on board. And let’s keep in touch, because this is not the end of my travel. There is much more to come.

Cheers. The Giraff.

Australia 2013 – 2014 – The Giraff Adventure in Oz from Carole Robert on Vimeo.

Last moment

1 year ago I was at the beginning of my australian dream. Now it’s officially over.
I cannot describe the feeling of emptyness I got in my heart. Can’t avoid to feel like I am forced to leave my country.

departure sad

But I am full of ambitions, and I know I’ll find my way to go back in the wonderful southern land.

police australia

Something funny though, while driving back to Perth, the police gave us the pleasure of a little time to share with them. 5 hours away of my departure and the police asked me to do a breath test (my first time ever !!). They also check our driving licenses and Ananda’s van paper. They were not very nice, but I think we were way to clean to abviously excite in any way their tuesday morning. Cheers guy, I haven’t decide yet to get illegal immigrant !!

Perfect day

Today in Monkey Mia, we rent a canoe… kayaking with dolphins, turtles, sharks, pelican and cormoran.

For 4 hours, we are exhausted but…

Another perfect day in paradise !!

Bad luck

So this morning we were supposed to dive on the Navy Pier, one of the best dive spot in Australia.

Unfortunately since we got in Exmouth the weather is very windy, which is unusual up here.
Windy weather = bad visibility, so the dive is cancelled. As it is the second time they cancel and we cannot push forward our stay in Exmouth because there is a lot to see on the way back to Perth, so we’ll just get a refund instead of booking another day.


So today is known as the day we almost dive on the Navy Pier. Now we are heading south, might do a “manta ray swim” as we have some money back…